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Tekken 8 [XBOX Series X Review]

Game Developer: Bandai Namco Studios Inc.

Publisher: Bandai Namco Entertainment

Review Platform: XBOX Series X

Release Date: 25th January 2024

Genres: Action, Fighting

Modes: Single Player, Shared/Split Screen Multiplayer, Online Multiplayer

Game: Website

Key provided by Bandai Namco

Disclaimer: Thank you to Bandai Namco for sending us an Ultimate Edition Key on launch for XBOX Series X. Which features the following:

  • TEKKEN 8

  • Playable Character Year 1 Pass

  • 4 additional playable characters

  • Avatar Skin: Kinjin

  • 3-day Early Access for DLC characters

  • Character Costume: Gold Suit Pack

  • 1 costume per each playable character

  • Avatar Costume: Classic TEKKEN T-Shirt Set

  • 32 designs

  • Avatar Skins: Kazuya, Jin, and Jun

We would also like to state that this review will have spoilers, we felt we had to delve deep into what was available (which is plenty!) to fully review Tekken 8 and give it the justice and time it deserves.

Tekken began in the arcades in 1994, then was ported over to Playstation One the following year. I never had the opportunity to play it in the arcades, but I do remember receiving it on the Playstation One. From turning it on and playing Galaga Space Invaders while the game loaded I knew there was something different here. As a big Beat Em Up fan, I would always try out any I could at that time, parents willing I should say as I was barely a teenager. This started my long journey with Tekken and throughout the years to see it grow, adapt and become so much more than it was then is an experience in itself.

Tekken 8 is a large entry into the series. With 32 Playable characters each with their unique Character Episodes that span over five fights with two rounds. This is each fighter's new journey into the Iron Fist Tournament, all complete with beautifully designed cut scene endings that are entertaining and in typical Tekken style wacky at times. Two fighters are not available in this mode to begin with, as you will need to complete the main Story: The Dark Awakens. One in particular has ties to the complicated Mishima family, Reina that you will discover in the story progress and learn a bit more in the character episode once unlocked.

Story: The Dark Awakens is over 15 chapters, and adds some interesting elements into the mix. With no set rounds as such, it is all based around the fighters in specific moments and how the story develops for them. This can make some fights a lot longer than others and for good reason, depth. The slow-motion key moments in battle as they say their thoughts to one another is such a good move in my opinion as it adds to the intensity between the fighters. The story's main character is Jin Kazama, his goal is to take down his father Kazuya Mishima. But with their complicated pasts and their hidden abilities, this is no small feat. I truly enjoyed the story and the twists with the new character Reina brought to the table. My only downfall in the story was the last battle, which was so intense and exciting at the same time that the game's ending was just not sufficient. But it opens the way to Tekken 9 if they consider to keep going, which I always hope they do. But, there is an alternative ending that can be unlocked!

Another mode that was a pleasant surprise was Arcade Quest, which is another story mode but based on you and your created avatar. Going through the ranks of Tekken Tournaments in the arcades while learning the game and being shown how to master your technique. You will make friends and rivals on the journey to be the best Tekken fighter in the arcade world.

With your avatar, you can also fight in the Tekken Lounge, which is a lobby where you can walk around the Arcade, Tekken Dojo, Beach Area and Iron Fist Outfitters. You can chat with people from around the world, relax and socialise while shopping for new cosmetics and most importantly battle!

Online overall runs pretty smooth in my experience, as with all Beat Em Ups there will be connection issues and hiccups at times. I have always understood this to be due to the information that has to travel and how quickly each fighter sees the inputs, which in itself is an amazing technological feat in my own opinion.

You can fight Ranked, which begins with a CPU battle to determine your place in the ranks. 2nd Dan was my first placement but with matches going forward, you can be promoted or demoted depending on your success. This is character-based, but your rank will be pulled close to your character for others but not the same. This allows for fair judgement on your abilities with each character. As well as ranked mode you have player match and quick match.

A long-awaited game mode from Tekken 3 also has made a comeback, Tekken Ball. Where you in theory are playing volleyball but with fighting techniques. This is not available at this time online and not sure if it will be added or not.

Customisation is huge. You can create a personalised avatar as mentioned before, but you can also customize all characters in the game with unique items, outfits and much more. The player card is also customisable but also allows for changing the UI in fights such as the health bar and character profile picture.

Tekken 8 just offers so much and is a great new direction and addition to the series. Ever wanted to battle pros? You can battle online ghosts to get in even more intense practice or watch Exciting Replays of some of the top matches played.

The controls are similar to all previous titles but with two new additions. LB can be used to initiate Special Style which may be controversial to some. As it is to help make the combos and moves more accessible to new players or beginners but when this is on you can see a UI update to show if you or your opponent is using this. RB adds Heat Burst / Heat Smash which is shown with a smaller bar under your health bar. This can be used straight away until the bar depletes, it adds a new twist on the fight with more powerful moves and block damage to turn the tides of battle when used correctly.

Overall Tekken 8 looks amazing, the soundtrack is such a good compliment to the fights and locations. 14 locations can be traversed during battle, be it hitting your opponent over a balcony, or smashing them through a wall and the ground. They are so detailed and there is not one location I feel is lacking in detail. With so much to do and so much more to come to the game, I highly rate Tekken 8 and would recommend it to all, new players and previous ones! I do miss an element in this game though and that is the ability to unlock secret characters, this was always exciting to me on older Beat Em Up games in general, rewards for your effort. But there are 48 Achievements available on the XBOX Series S|X for a total of 1000 Gamerscore, the hardest ones to achieve will be the ranked achievements for promotions online.

9/10 Gamerscore

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