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The Light In The Darkness [Steam Review]

Updated: Jan 31

Game Developer: Voices of the Forgotten - Facebook | Instagram | Website | X (Twitter)

Publisher: Arcade Distillery - Facebook | LinkedIn | Website | YouTube | X (Twitter)

Review Platform: PC [Steam]

Release Date: 26th January 2024

Genres: Adventure, Indie

Mode: Single Player

Key provided by Arcade Distillery*

"To forget would be not only dangerous but offensive; To forget the dead would be akin to killing them a second time." ~ Elie Wiesel

The Light in the Darkness is not a game of sorts, but an educational tool. To show the story of a working-class Polish Jew family living in France during a time in history that shall never be forgotten and we hope is never repeated; The Holocaust. This being said, we will not be rating this game but making people aware of our thoughts and why we recommend every gamer tries this at least once in their gaming history. It is a free title to download and play and has been out for quite some time now on Epic Games, Playstation and XBOX but is now making its way to Steam.

You begin as Samuel, the young son of the family and need to go to school. Your parents will walk with you as by the school is the families Tailor business. This is as much as we would like to say about the gameplay itself, as it is a short title. Lasting around 90 Minutes, but in this time. You learn the harsh realities of the Jewish people during the Holocaust. The love, separation, betrayal and every emotion you could feel that does not only move you as a human, but shows how evil this world has been in history.

The art style is unique and just sets the atmosphere in conjunction with a dark but beautiful soundtrack. It is reading based, so there is no voice acting. This adds an element to the story in how you interpret the conversations and with some multiple choices you find yourself engrossed. Once I began, I did not want to leave it unfinished. I played through to the end. Learning more about only some of the harsh realities they faced at the time, information I myself was not aware of. This is why I recommend everyone, at least once to try and playthrough till the end.

It includes information, footage and photographs from archives and for me; Was so moving, the credits are the one time in a long time I did not look away. In some weird way, as a sign of respect.

Luc Bernard the writer and director of The Light in the Darkness is actively trying to give a voice to the lost and educate people. With the Holocaust Remembrance Day Luc is planning on an online only event in Fortnite! A Holocaust Museum created in game, find more information here: Holocaust Remembrance Day 2024 | Voices -- Forgotten (

We will be in attendance, and hope many others consider joining us.

*Disclosure: We received a free review copy of this product from

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