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Time-Glitching FPS 'Histera' comes to Steam Early Access May 16th Free-to-Play

Join the temporal turmoil of Histera on May 16th! Here, chaos becomes your worst enemy or your best ally in a matter of seconds. In the first ever gameplay trailer for the arena shooter, developer StickyLock shows what Histera’s unpredictable battlefields look like and reveals that players can join the fight on Steam!

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Will you reign over chaos or become its victim in Histera?

Get your adrenaline pumping and your heart pounding in fast-paced online shooter Histera’s Early Access, available on Steam starting May 16th! Within the arena of Histera, the battlefield is in a constant state of flux — the Glitch can transform sections of the map into a variety of landscapes from different Eras at any given moment. In matches of 8 versus 8 players, you only have a small window to switch up your strategy and keep (or claim) the upper hand on the field, so you’d better act fast once the Glitch becomes imminent!

The first Eras to be included in Histera are futuristic Montorro City, the prehistoric Pliocene Plateau and war-torn mid-20th century Novgorod. With the Glitch, the maps of these different eras can transform, posing both possibilities and challenges for players. Two gameplay modes will be available at the launch of Early Access: team deathmatch, where the goal is to eliminate the enemy as often as possible, and territory control, in which areas must be claimed and secured. Histera will receive regular updates both during its Early Access phase and beyond. The official road map highlighting the studio’s future plans will follow once the game has launched in Early Access.

For more in-depth information about Histera’s many different gameplay features, have a look at the dev blog on Steam:

Lock and load in style!

To give players the chance to add a little flair to their Histera experience, it is possible to visually customize their characters and weapons with unique skins that can be purchased through the in-game store. All customizations are fully cosmetic and will not have any effects on the gameplay. For everyone joining the game’s Early Access, there will be an exclusive skin available for free in the first two weeks!

After the initial launch, a Battle Pass will be introduced that will offer players more customization options for their weapons and characters.

Histera was first available to play during the Steam Next Fest in October 2023. Following the feedback that StickyLock received, the developer made changes to the game and is now ready to proceed with the development route through Early Access to ensure its quality before launching the full game.

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Enter the time glitching arena!

About Histera

Glitch through time and emerge victorious in Histera! Choose your weapons and master an ever changing arena. The ground beneath your feet will transform between Eras as the battle rages.

Histera is launching into Early Access on Steam on May 16th, 2024. Shape the present and future of the game!

Key features

  • The Glitch: adjust your strategy to take advantage of the chaos caused by the Glitch. Master different terrains in the past, present and future, and push yourself to the limit as you rush to adapt and gain (or keep!) the advantage every time the Glitch occurs. The team that can best adapt to Histera’s unpredictable, time-distorting mosh pit will claim victory!

  • High replayability: with the Glitch mechanic transforming the map in the midst of the action, no two rounds of Histera will play out the same.

  • Mix it up: battle through prehistoric caves, a WW2 city under siege and the neon bathed streets of a dystopian metropolis wielding anything from spears to machine guns as time periods collide.

  • Choose your weapon: use a wide variety of weapons to withstand the chaos wrought by the Glitch — will you stay in the shadows with a prehistoric hunting bow, or get up close with The Matchstick, a futuristic shotgun that can be loaded with incendiary rounds?

  • Versatile FPS gameplay: perfect for easygoing fans of the shooter genre looking for something different as well as hardcore gamers seeking their latest challenge.

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