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Another Bar Game [Steam Review]

Updated: Oct 26, 2023

Game Developer: Arik Games - Discord | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Website | YouTube

Publisher: Arik Games

Platforms: PC

Review Platform: PC

Release Date: 25/10/2023

Genres: Action, Casual, Indie, Simulation

Mode: Single Player

Key Provided by Arik Games

Another Bar Game is from the makers of the 2020 Game Titled - Dude, Where Is My Beer? Arik Games is Arik Zurabian from Norway, he is a professional animator and hobby Indie Game Developer. As the game name would suggest it is another drinking-related game but with a very different style which was intended by Arik to improve his programming skills by making this game from scratch.

You are Frank, and you are hired to work across four bars in the neighborhood. The quality of the bars increases as you get further into the game but also a lot more difficult. The idea of the game is to serve your customers as quickly as possible, taking into account their waiting time and in some bars cleanliness and atmosphere.

Throughout your employ, you will make decisions on the craft beers served, with some great and quirky names. This fits in with the whole style, tongue-in-cheek humor with hand-drawn style graphics. There are 16 player levels with upgrades you can unlock along the way to make your journey a little easier.

There is a career mode that you level yourself through to grow and become the best barkeep you can be with a funny and very unexpected ending. You can also play a sandbox mode, where everything is unlocked and you play until you fail. I found this challenging but fun.

The game overall is great to look at, with a simple but effective soundtrack. Comes with controller support, which in my opinion was easier to play with than Keyboard. I recommend this game for some great all-out panic but fun, trying to get to people before they become unhappy or plan when to clean the glasses which causes a delay with serving. It will also soon be coming to IOS and Nintendo Switch, which would make it even better to play on the move!

So have an IPA on Frank!

(Please drink repsonsibly)

Game Score: 8/10

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