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Bless Unleashed Highlights the Massive Changes for PC

Bless Unleashed Highlights the Massive Changes to the Game Ahead of its Final Test

Tons of player-requested changes are implemented from combat to UI, new monsters, and better matchmaking.

Neowiz and Round8 Studio today revealed a laundry list of the many changes coming to the PC version of Bless Unleashed with the game’s final beta test which begins next week on Steam. From improved combat through better controls to better adventuring through improved UI, and many, many other changes - Bless Unleashed on PC is proving to be a massive undertaking for the studio as they look to make this the best possible version of Bless Unleashed for PC gamers.

“We’ve been listening to every player’s feedback during the beta tests,” said Jason Park, Round 8 Studio’s head of development. “Every little change has come out of feedback from our players and fans. We cannot wait to get this final test into their hands next week, and we hope you’ll all join in to see the fruits of our labor!”

The many changes being made to the game are being detailed in regular blogs on the Bless Unleashed Steam Page, as well as other important testing announcements.

Bless Unleashed is an action MMORPG that takes players on an epic journey across a dynamic, sprawling world and tests their mettle against vicious monsters and in perilous dungeons. Built on the Unreal 4 Engine, Bless Unleashed also features unrivaled graphics for the genre that really immerse players in the vibrant landscapes. Deeply rewarding combo-driven gameplay mechanics and a persistent progression system also add to the complexity of the game.

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