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ESDigital Games to Publish Parity Games’ Action Adventure Title Island of Winds

Journey to an astonishing world inspired by 17th-century Icelandic nature, folklore and history. 

Publisher ESDigital Games is thrilled to announce a new partnership with developer Parity Games to publish their awe-inspiring, debut action-adventure title Island of Winds for PC and consoles in late 2025. 

Island of Winds is an action-adventure game set in the awe-inspiring environment of fantastical 17th century Iceland. Drawing inspiration from nature, folklore, and history, 

the game revolves around the protagonist Brynhildur, the Balance Keeper, who must embark on a journey of discovery when her homestead is attacked and her mentor abducted. Join Brynhildur on her odyssey and be immersed in a rich story filled with extensive lore and intriguing puzzles as well as legendary creatures, spellcasting and a special focus on empathy encounters. 

“We were immediately drawn to the breathtaking world of Island of Winds and the deep narrative Parity Games were creating,” said Oleg Kudisov, Managing Director at ESDigital Games. “We have a deep belief in delivering diverse gaming experiences to our fans and with Island of Winds we have found a gaming gem, and we are excited to be partnering with the talented and dedicated team at Parity Games.”

ESDigital Games is also thrilled to announce that Island of Winds will be playable at the upcoming WASD Live event in London from 25 - 27 April on the Games London stand (T2). Fans attending will be among the first to get some hands-on time with this stunning action adventure and watch an exclusive developer walkthrough filmed especially for the event. 

Features of Island of Winds

  • Explore otherworldly and enchanting landscapes - Discover the different areas of Island of Winds: From seashores and icy paths, to lagoons and highland trails, you will be immersed in a magical and mysterious landscape inspired by diverse Icelandic nature. Explore every nook and cranny of the island to uncover hidden secrets and stories about the island.

  • Meet mythical beings - In this world, you will encounter mythical and magical beasts inspired by Icelandic folklore. Find out what is plaguing the creatures of the island and help them find peace.

  • Cast spells and solve puzzles - Wielding the staff of balance, you will be able to cast spells to help creatures and calm hostile adversaries.

  • An emotional journey - Island of Winds explores themes of self-doubt, violence, regret, and empathy. Experience Brynhildur's emotional journey as she sets off in search of her missing mentor and clan. In order to save her home, she must fully utilize her magical abilities and restore balance to her fractured world. The Island’s secrets, as well as Brynhildur’s own complicated past, will slowly be revealed.

  • Icelandic folklore setting - Set in a fantastical version of 17th century Iceland, Island of Winds is heavily inspired by Icelandic folklore and mythology. Experience intriguing and dangerous encounters with creatures, ghosts and other inhabitants of the island.

Island of Winds is developed by Parity Games and published by ESDigital games and will be launching for PC and consoles in late 2025. Fans can Wishlist the game on Steam now. 

Follow Island of Winds’ development journey on the official game website and ESDigital Games website and social channels: X / Facebook / Instagram / TikTok / Linkedin

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