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Unimaginable horrors packed onto a single tape. The Horror Mixtape launches on October 19th!

After lying dormant for a while, the Super Rare Mixtape is back! The curator of the Mixtape, Ryan Brown, has once again carefully collated a collection of 30 games and 8 game demos from small developers in the grassroots indie game scene onto a single USB drive, playable on your Windows PC. And this time, they're all horror-themed!

Super Rare Games commitment to preserving, supporting, and highlighting amazing indie developers continues with this latest version of the Mixtape. Only 1,500 copies will be available! Catch your copy on October 19th at 6pm BST (10am PDT/1pm EDT) - available worldwide exclusively at

The Mixtapes are already in hand and ready to ship shortly after release!

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The showcase of pure originality and creativity, both in content and design. The 30 hand-curated games and 8 game demos are all packed onto a USB shaped like a tape cassette. All you have to do is plug into a Windows PC or laptop and start gaming through the custom game launcher. GAMES INCLUDED – FRAGMENT: Extended Edition, My Sweet Zombie!, The Devil, Flesh, Blood & Concrete, COLDLINE, MapFriend, Hellgineers, Spookynaki, Code: Dino-H, BioCrisis, FeedVid Live, Night Stop, Dispatch, Unsorted VHS, Terminal, The House in the Woods, Bonnie's Bakery, Apocryphauna, Mysteries Under Lake Ophelia, Corpse Ocean, Digidream, MOTH HOUSE, Helltown, Sagebrush, Our Lady of Sorrow, PortaBoy+, The Shopping List, No-Snake Hotel, Fears to Fathom: Home Alone, Godbeast Mk.II DEMOS INCLUDED – BioCrisis - Return 2 the Lab, The Salt Order, Project Anomaly: Urban Supernatural Investigator, The Tower on the Borderland, The Lacerator, Endacopia, Mothmen 1966, Bahnsen Knights BONUS FEATURES – Games are not everything that's hidden on the Mixtape. Learn more about the games through trailers, developer audio diaries, and concept art galleries. The drive also comes with game soundtracks and a soundtrack player

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