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World survival Title Soulmask unveils its first Trailer, set to debut at Steam Next Fest in Feb

Today, the open-world survival sandbox game, Soulmask, is thrilled to announce the upcoming launch of its demo on Steam Next Fest on February 5th. Additionally, the game will debut its highly anticipated first trailer on YouTube:

Ever since its initial introduction last year, Soulmask has garnered considerable props from the SOC community, earning the title of "the next big Survival title in 2024" within the community.

Soulmask throws you into a real-deal primitive land, packed with ancient tribes, rituals, mysterious civilizations, and all sorts of remnants. You start from scratch, gathering resources, building up your tribe, and recruiting members to uncover the mysterious truths behind the civilization in this world. The game's set to hit Steam in 2024, and guess what? On February 5th, you can get a sneak peek for free during the Steam New Games Festival. Check out Soulmask on Steam and add to wishlist:

In the game, it's not just about surviving against the world and creatures to become the ultimate hunter - Soulmask kicks it up a notch by throwing in a tribesmen system. This system helps you start from scratch, building up your tribe, defending against enemies, and levelling up your game. You can recruit almost all the savage NPCs in the game as your tribe members. With smart AI pathfinding and customizable quests, you can organize your tribe's work seamlessly; also, the daily routines and funs of your tribesmen, and the diverse spectrum of personalities and preferences will make your tribe full of life.

Besides exploring, building, and surviving in the open world, Soulmask introduces a realistic physics-based primitive combat style, with 8 weapon categories and over 50 combat skills corresponding to action modules that capture the essence of primitive combat. When facing different opponents in battle, players need to carefully consider which weapon and action to use, and which part to target for attacks. Of course, the game features a variety of rich and vivid bosses, so pay attention to their movements and seize those fleeting moments of vulnerability.

As a central theme in the game, Soulmask boasts the unique feature of Masks. Collecting and expanding the masks not only define the essence of the game but also enrich the player's experience in navigating the world. The game currently features a variety of masks, each with distinct forms and unique functionalities. Aside from the mysterious power to freely possess tribe NPCs, these masks offer different experiential traits like environmental mimicry, adding a layer of depth to help players define their own exploration and combat style.

Soulmask is now available on Steam Wishlists. For the latest updates on the game, join our official Discord server:

More info for Soulmask, please check out the following link:

Some gameplay videos covered by some content creators :

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