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Whisper Games Announce - The Nameless: Slay Dragon

Publisher WhisperGames, whose recent releases includes acclaimed Astlibria Revision that presented PC and Switch gamers with an unexpected RPG gem, today officially announce their next upcoming title, The Nameless: Slay Dragon, a turn based RPG for PC, with a release window aiming for Q2 2024, which will also be releasing on Nintendo Switch at a later date..

About The Game

Fully developed and created by one man Nameless Sword Studio, over three years, it is impressive in its visual presentation, along with the challenges it offers,  with its stylised and sparkling visual effects!

The Nameless: Slay Dragon is a visually interesting turn-based RPG - In

short - how to slay the immensely powerful and cunning evil dragon? You will play as

a young man having a bloody feud with a dragon, and face powerful, sinister and

tricky enemies with friends....

Exploration is as important as combat

Observe, listen, think, communicate, act - you need to use all possible skills to find

your own path. Exploration is not only full of choices, but often require a bit of


Classic turn-based + meaningful choices

Every action you take is meaningful, including knocking down enemies and using

skills that will enhance your talents and allow you to learn new skills faster.

Free progression system

There are more than twenty classes with different mechanisms in the game, and the

classes can co-exist. You can mix and match skills and traits to create unexpected

chemical reactions.

Abundant skill customization

Sparks of inspiration can be obtained while fighting, exploring, cooking, even

dreaming. Infuse the spark into a skill and eventually make it your own, creating a

unique skill and naming it.

Rich craft system

You can use simple raw materials to build anything you want. Whether it's a precious

potion, a great invention, legendary equipment or overnight leftovers.

Real choices and multiple endings

Choices are very important in the game; some may have less impact and some may

change the entire story.

Optional challenges to face

The game is full of overpowering enemies who don't care if you're still a newbie, they only care about one thing - crushing you. But you can always find a way to evade or defeat them.

Character design

Each character has a past behind him or her that he or she doesn't want to talk about, and you can learn about their past, get close to them or break with them in the game.

Respect your time

No random battle, no forced grinding, no endless maze, all endings are available in the first run.

Real choices and multiple endings

Choices are very important in the game; some may have less impact and some may change the entire story.


More game information on The Nameless: Slay Dragon - soon!

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