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Whimsical N64-inspired platformer Cavern of Dreams coming to Nintendo Switch on February 29!

Super Rare Games + Bynine Studios are excited to reveal that Cavern of Dreams is coming to Nintendo Switch

Following the success of the PC release, Super Rare Games and Bynine studios are thrilled to announce the highly anticipated Nintendo Switch release of Cavern of Dreams. Releasing on February 29, 2024, Cavern of Dreams on Switch promises to captivate a new audience with its colourful, family-friendly 1990’s platformer vibes. 

Cavern of Dreams invites players to embark on an enchanting journey with Fynn, a young dragon on a quest to rescue his unhatched siblings, snatched away by a mysterious villain. The game, designed as a love letter to the retro era of N64-style games, combines collectathon elements with nostalgic 3D platforming, delivering an immersive experience for players of all ages. 

In this whimsical adventure, players will explore a magical and densely-packed world filled with secrets, challenges, and an abundance of collectibles. Unravel the mystery of Flynn's missing siblings through puzzle-solving and light platforming, accompanied by a cast of unique characters, backed with a dreamy soundtrack. 


Explore four distinct, themed lands linked to a central hub, teeming with hidden secrets and unexpected delights. As players progress, they'll unlock additional worlds and empower Fynn with new abilities, elevating the thrill of the quest for a heartwarming family reunion.

Collect them all -  Each world is full of goodies to find - 40 eggs placed in perilous situations, mushrooms to feed your siblings once they hatch collectible cards to fill out an Encyclopaedia and more!

Acquire new abilities - Collecting eggs allows the Sage to grant Fynn new body parts, which give him new abilities! Use your tail, wings and more to reach areas you couldn't before and move super fast!

Non-violent approach - Fynn is a peaceful little guy, so there's no combat in the game. Instead the focus is on exploration, puzzle-solving and platforming. This however, does not mean there a no dangers lurking in the Cavern of Dreams, so best be careful. 

The nostalgic OST - Fully immerse yourself in Cavern of Dreams through a nostalgic and mysterious soundtrack with each world having multiple versions of it's theme based on where you are. 

Cavern of Dreams is available now on PC via Steam, at an SRP of $12.99 / £9.99 / €12.79 and will be coming to Nintendo Switch on February 29, 2024 at an SRP of $12.99 / £9.99 / €12.79.

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