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Which Way Up: Space Olympics Steam Remote Play Together Fest Demo OUT NOW

About Which Way Up: Space Olympics

Which Way Up: Space Olympics is a family friendly party game that gives unique freedom of movement by allowing you to run on walls and ceilings, orbit around planets, or fall across entire levels by manoeuvring through gravity fields.

Before The Universe existed, the Space Sprites banded together one-by-one to see a dream come to fruition: the dream of life itself. As The Universe began to take shape, so too did space. But space is unpredictable, and creating life is tiresome work. So, the Sprites took it upon themselves to create a pastime. The Space Olympics.

Each event features its own unique bite-sized challenge where up to 4 players can compete. Eject your friends into space as you race across gravity fields, score a goal with an entire moon, leap across planets to escape a black hole, and capture and hold zodiacal constellations.

  • Gravity-bending platforming with up to 4 friends locally using Steam Remote Play

  • 7 Space Sprites (5 unlocked in the Demo)

  • Hours of fun for family and friends of all ages

  • More than 10 Space Olympic events (6 unlocked in the Demo), including:


UNSTABLE ENERGY has infected one of the Sprites. Discharge the energy to another player before you OVERLOAD! Run away from the player who is overloading. Last Sprite standing WINS!

Star Ring

The Star Ring is the place to be: jostle with friends to remain in its roving and life-giving light, the only place that fills your scorebar. The first player to fill up their scorebar wins!

Comet Collect

Comets with high energy cores are valuable to the Space Sprites! Collect them before other players, so you can absorb their energy later. Keep control of the Comets by dashing around and nudging them with the Comet Push ability. Keep the opposition away and collect as many as you can in your own base.

Event Horizon

Players are being sucked into a supermassive BLACK HOLE!

Run, jump and platform away from its relentless suck—but don’t get too close to the opposition. Knock them off with your COMET PUSH ability (before they knock you off, of course) and be the last one standing!

Constellation Catch

Race across the universe to touch, hold and capture as many constellations as you can. Constellations are fickle beasts, though. Unless they’re captured, constellations can be stolen from under your nose! Protect yours and poach theirs: it’s a Canis-eat-Canis world out there.


Protect your own precious planet against the volley of the oppositions’ bombs while collecting and lobbing your own counter-offensive bombardment.

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