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We now have a Valheim Server live! In partnership with the Nodecraft.

Feel free to join in and play on our server in partnership with Nodecraft.


Please read below information about joining from Nodecraft.

Valheim's server list is a little buggy right now, and you'll find reports of this all over their Discord and social media. They're improving it in every update, but for now we recommend connecting via steam favorites. You can find an article linked above as "How to Join" for more information about how to directly join your server.

When searching, we recommend that you try port 2457 instead of 2456 and also use the "Find Games at This Address" button within Steam. Specifically, search for the following:

You can also try simply clicking this Steam Connect URL to join: steam://connect/

Another option is to force Valheim to connect to a server after starting up. You can accomplish this by right clicking on Valhiem in your Steam library, going to Properties, General, Launch options, and add the following:


You can also try port 2457 if port 2456 does not work.

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