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Wall World Review

Game Developer: Alawar Premium - Discord | Twitter | Website | YouTube

Publisher: Alawar Premium

Platforms: PC

Review Platform: PC

Release Date: 5th April 2023

Genres: Action, Adventure, Indie, Strategy

Mode: Single Player

Key provided by Vicarious PR

Wall World is the new game from Alawar Premium, the developers of the well-received Necrosmith and Necrosmith 2.

Best explained as a rogue-lite mining title with tower defense elements. You are a civilian of the wall. Armed with your Exo Suit and your wall-climbing Robospider you aim to explore a procedurally generated world on the wall and see what is beyond. There is a story to learn as you venture forward and clues scattered in different mining spaces.

The Robospider is a weapon as well as transport that you use to climb the wall or descend. You can move as you fire and eventually unlock different upgrades and techniques to make your journey that little bit easier. You find mining spots and enter alone in your exo suit to collect a vast amount of resources to upgrade.

Every 20 minutes you will encounter a boss battle which has a countdown at the top center of the play area to make you aware of the time you have to prepare. As well as these boss battles there are regular waves of enemies to fend off called Zyrex (ZyRX##) which get more difficult the more your progress.

If you find yourself defeated, you will return to the title screen in which you can purchase permanent upgrades. The reason I say permanent is as in the game you will lose everything on death. So with each play, you will find yourself able to get further with each try. Gameplay can be at around 10 hours in total to complete, within the first 3 hours I was able to collect 7 of the 14 Steam Achievements available.

Overall Wall World is a great-looking pixel-generated world, with a blend of elements to make it fun to explore but also treacherous with the regular amount of enemies to slow your progress. With a relaxing soundtrack as your explore and intense alerts on the arrival of Zyrex. I recommend this game and until the 12th April it is on a 15% Discount in price.

Game Score: 8/10

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