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Viz Media Partners with Ubisoft to Restore the Assassin's Creed Brotherhood in New Manga

From the video game powerhouse franchise Assassin’s Creed® and its 2015 game, Assassin's Creed® Chronicles: China, comes an action-packed manga adaptation, Assassin’s Creed: Blade of Shao Jun.” Available in stores and online on 16th February, fans can now enjoy an unseen extended story that unites the past and present in a gripping adventure.

In 1526 CE China, the Great Ming Empire flourished until Emperor Jiajing began a great political purge creating a period of turmoil. With the Brotherhood eliminated, Shao Jun is the one Assassin that still stands. Returning to her homeland, Shao Jun embarks on a vengeful quest to seek the mysterious box treasure that belongs to the Brotherhood. The mission is dangerous as she must fight against the powerful group known as the Eight Tigers.

The story reveals details of Shao Jun’s present-day descendant, Lisa Huang, a research subject testing a machine called the Animus. The Animus allows Lisa to relive Shao Jun’s memories through powerful simulations; thinking this is behavioral therapy, Lisa is unaware that Dr. Kagami is using her and Shao Jun’s memories to discover the location of the mysterious box treasure. The fate of the mysterious box is now in the hands of both the past and present!

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