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Virtual Ricochet Devs Celebrate Steam Winter Sale with Combat Update

This VR hybrid of arcade shooting and Tennis from Blind Mystics gets updates to its interface and combat systems just in time for discount season!

Australian development team Blind Mystics opened the early access gates to the team’s exciting virtual reality shooter-sport genre mashup Virtual Ricochet in November and have been hard at work on some enhancements. The new Combat Update 1 delivers a revamped difficulty system, redesigned stages, and an ALL-NEW enemy drone with brand new VFX! Players can take advantage of a sweet discount during the Steam Winter Sale to get into the mix early and start swinging around tennis rackets and laser guns in VR.

Set in a futuristic combat arena filled with lasers, energy shields, deadly cybernetic enemies, and chaotic action. Virtual Ricochet combines elements of frantic tennis back-and-forth action and the immersiveness of VR shooters to create an all-new room-scale experience. Virtual Ricochet features:

• Classic, chaotic arcade shooter gameplay.

• The freedom of full 360-degree, room-scale arena environments.

• An in-depth, customizable upgrade system that encourages players to unleash the hidden potential of their equipment.

• Different difficulties of challenging gameplay that rewards skill, strategy, and mastery.

• Original music in a high-energy, retro synthwave soundtrack, featuring MercuriusFM.

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