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Vigor Is Out Now on the Playstation®4 and Playstation®5

Bohemia Interactive’s popular multiplayer shooter completes the current and next-gen console release circle, with PS4/PS5 joining the fray.

Bohemia Interactive is proud to announce that Vigor is now available on PlayStation®4 and PlayStation®5. The journey to bring this incredible shooter to console players has been exciting and the team can’t wait to meet all the new Outlanders who will step into post-way Norway.

Many have asked about cross-play for Vigor since the team announced the PlayStation version. While cross-play with other platforms will not be possible, the team is enabling cross-generation play. No matter if you play on your PS4 or PS5, your progression and purchases will be consistent across both.

The PS4 version of Vigor features the full, robust gameplay experience present on other current consoles. The PS5 version, as expected, takes advantage of the console’s enhancements in various ways. Loading times have shrunk thanks to the fast SSD and players can see Norway in all its glory in 4K thanks to the power of the new generation of gaming consoles.

See you in the Outlands!

What is Vigor?

Outlive the apocalypse! Vigor is a looter shooter in post-war Norway.

Key Features

  • Shoot and loot in tense encounters

  • Build your shelter and vital equipment

  • Challenge others in various game modes

  • Play on your own or fight together

Over 5 000 000 players have jumped into the picture-postcard (but deadly) Outlands so far.

About Bohemia Interactive

Our story began with our first game, Arma: Cold War Assault, released back in 2001. Developed by just a handful of people, this PC-exclusive title became a massive success. It sold well over a million copies, received numerous industry awards, and was praised by critics and players alike. Since then, we've grown from a ragtag bunch of garage devs to an international family of over 400 professionals – working on major games like Arma 3, DayZ, Ylands, Vigor, and various other projects. Our ambition: to make games that act as platforms for people to explore, create, and connect. More information is available at


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