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VestGames Teaches us “How to be Dastardly” in Social Deduction Murder Mystery Game Eville

Being a law-abiding citizen in a cozy, medieval village can be quite boring sometimes. So today, the delightful sadists at VestGames released a handy new trailer teaching you “How to be Dastardly” in their multiplayer medieval murder mystery game, Eville. Aspiring ax-murderers will learn the basics of lying, conning, manipulating, deceiving... and eventually decapitating their fellow villagers. Keep your fellow citizens guessing just who is the hometown homicidal horror until their last gasp with these handy tips-n-tricks, sowing the seeds of doubt and turning your tranquil village into a chaotic den of fear and paranoia — a perfect setting for some late-night stabbin’!

Players looking to be the best bad guy on the block should take the following steps:

  • Find Your Alibi: Find a naive villager to butter up and use as a future character witness

  • Become Friends, Build Trust: Chat about village things, traipse about town, go herb-hunting together, get nice and close and foster a deep, trusting friendship so they’ll never suspect a thing when the bodies begin to pile up

  • Select a Target: Who will be the lucky Lord or Lady to receive your special brand of late-night “love” (aka lacerations)?

  • Kill ‘em: Help said villager lighten their load by removing their head

  • Call the Guard!: More obvious is less obvious, as they say. Act visibly horrified by this shocking act of violence to make yourself look like a decent, concerned citizen

  • Repeat Steps 1 - 5: Keep the party going until you’re the only one left!

But that’s not all! Players looking to take their scoundrel shenanigans a step further have plenty of options at their fingertips:

  • Maximize your Munchausen: Sneak some poison into the body of an unsuspecting villager and make yourself look like a hero by conveniently providing the antidote.

  • Waste Their Resources: Clever villagers might set up traps to prevent a hard-working serial killer from finishing the job. Help everyone out by setting off these expensive devices in the middle of the night, costing a villager precious cash and a restful night!

  • Lie About Your Job: Drop extra-obvious hints about your role as the Seer, so when you start casually talking about what you saw the previous night, people will believe the story — instead of catching on that you’re the one committing the felonies.

  • Fake Your Death: Stop chatting and remain suspiciously silent, causing fellow villagers to panic and start searching for a body — that isn’t there.

Eville is a social deduction game in the vein of Among Us and One Night Ultimate Werewolf, but taken to whole new heights with a level of depth not seen before in the genre. Built upon a solid foundation of deceit, slander, and manipulation, VestGames has added several additional layers that ramp up the strategy and tactical possibilities. Multiple character classes with different skills and specializations, handy items, crafting, and an innovative day-and-night cycle make Eville a stand-out title that is unique in the social-deduction category.

Eville will be available for PC via Steam in Early Access in 2021.

Keep up to date on everything Eville by joining the conversations on Discord and Reddit and following the game on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tik Tok, YouTube, and the official website:

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