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Unleash your creative powers ‘Blocks Tracks Trains’

A Journey of Creation / Block Track Trains

PC/Steam/Deck - Updated Out Now!

Blocks Tracks Trains is a creative and unique offering developed by a one man Indie developer and is a real labour of love to be enjoyed by everyone! Since its soft release a few months back, it has garnered lots of interest and has been improved and extended. Now with a full release, Blocks Tracks Trains is unveiled in all its glory on PC and Steam Deck. It will entertain and fascinate those of you eager for something different and its creative potential is endless! Blocks Tracks Trains is, by definition, not a game, as it has no real obstacles or goals. It is a creative building toy. There are no resources or hours of grinding - it’s a limitless sandbox that will stretch your imagination.

Some Very Interesting Key Points:

  • Generate a random chunk of terrain to start your build.

  • Modify the landscape any which way you want; in contrast to other train set builders the terrain can be fully sculpted, it is not just a height map. You can have tunnels, overhangs, etc. with various materials like stone, soil, gravel, grass, sand!

  • Build a voxel world, along with freely placeable scaffolds for your voxel buildings.

  • Build houses, bridges, mansions, castles, towers, lighthouses, villas - from little blocks of wood, brick, and stone!

  • Design your own locomotives and carriage.

  • Almost anything can be painted; you can freely mix colours from the palette. There is also glowing paint and a matching Night View mode.

  • Train tracks are easy to build using a spline system and can handle complex track layouts.

  • Set up a track network and watch your trains go on a journey.

  • The visuals aim to imitate a "grown-up's" model train set, not a children’s toy.

  • You can play in top-down view or in first-person view.

  • There is a Play Mode in which you can play with your train set: locomotives and switches can be controlled by hand, vehicles coupled with other vehicles. Trains can be as complex as you like, with no limitation on the amount of wagons or locomotives. Full support for shunting operations.

  • There are default props like locomotives, wagons, people and various plants/trees to get you started.

  • And coming very soon: Steam Workshop integration to allow you to share your creations with other players!

The Possibilities are Endless! It's not a glorified train construction set, it's a fantastic canvas to create your own imaginative, viewable experience - a majestic masterpiece!

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