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Ultra Pixel Survive marks its debut on consoles!

Back to Basics - But in a Good Way!

Indie publisher Ratalaika Games has joined forces with Brazil Indie developer, Gold Skull Studios, to announce the up and coming retro, compact, RPG survival Ultra Pixel Survive. Releasing on 14th April 2023 on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Microsoft Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S and Nintendo Switch, this fun and engaging game is one worth checking out; especially with the added fact that already the released mobile android version has an amazing top 500,000 downloads together with some great reviews!

Put Simply!

Ultra Pixel Survive is best described as an action RPG survival game presented with pixel art together with various characters and unique abilities, along with a very pleasing story!

Its simple presentation, intuitive menu system and interface are aimed to please both the experienced gamer as well as novice!


The goal of the game is to face monsters and bosses while trying to survive as long as possible by collecting resources and building tools and structures to defend oneself. Straight forward…..combining elements of action, RPG, and survival.Ultra Pixel Survive. offers a challenging and exciting experience for players seeking a new challenge.

Next! As you progress in the game, days go by and every time you face monsters, your character will level up and earn experience points that allow you to evolve skills and stats based on the player's choice. It is up to the player to decide what to do, but the main objective is to level up their chosen character and defeat the game's five bosses.

Where, What, Why? There are three regions in the game: the open forest, the beach, and the cave, all with varied enemies, ranging from small slimes to vampires and orcs. The player can build defensive structures such as barricades to prevent enemies from passing through, spikes to damage those who step on them, and turrets to fight enemies, as well as upgrade all these structures using collected resources.


The most important items in the game are the food items, which not only satisfy the character's hunger, but also restore their health. Food should be a priority for the player, and it can be found in bushes, obtained by hunting animals, or even grown in gardens.


  • Real-time combat

  • Hunger system

  • Structure building

  • Farming

  • Boss battles

  • Character evolution

  • Characters with unique abilities and stats

Plain & Simple, But Oh So Moreish!!!!

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