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TRIALS OF FIRE Launches TODAY for PC on Steam

TRIALS OF FIRE – Deck-Building Tactical Adventure from Ex-Rocksteady Developers Available TODAY for PC

Embark on an ever-changing quest for survival in a fantasy world in ruins, with deep RPG storytelling, hex-based tactical combat, deck-building, and bags of loot.

Whatboy Games today launched its debut title TRIALS OF FIRE – a single-player, turn-based strategy game set in a post-cataclysmic fantasy realm. Players battle to survive as they traverse a vast fantasy world in ruins – featuring exploration, tactical turn-based combat, deck-building, bags of loot and extensive procedural systems that make every adventure unique.

See Trials of Fire explained here:

Embarking on their quest into the desolate wastelands of Ashe, players guide a party of three Heroes in search of hope. The hope to save a forsaken people, the hope to survive in the brutal and barren wastelands, the hope that their party will live to fight again and write a new chapter in their enduring story.

Trials of Fire plunges players into a vast and varied game world featuring a unique tactical, card-driven combat system, and branching narrative encounters with no easy choices.

Key Features

  • A new kind of deck-driven combat. Tactical, turn-based battles on hex-based maps combine party tactics, positional play and deck-building skill. Optimise each Hero’s capabilities by taking advantage of powerful card synergies and by combining Heroes’ individual skills and powers.

  • Game-changing loot and limitless combinations. Players are able to build out their party with any combination of nine unique character classes. Equip their Heroes with over 200 unique items and over 320 upgradeable Skill Cards. Every run will be different.

  • A vast and varied wasteland. Players traverse an immense overworld filled with combat and narrative encounters, choosing their own path and defining their own adventure as they search and fight for resources critical to their survival.

  • Play your way. Six different game modes and customisable quests allow gamers to tailor their play session how they want. Blast through a quick-fire combat run, endure an endless survival mode or take on unique, daily challenges.

“Coming out of early access after almost two years of full-time development is an incredible achievement for any indie team,” says Dax Ginn, former head of Marketing and PR for the Batman: Arkham series, and co-Founder and Studio Director of Whatboy Games. “We have faced down a lot of trials of our own during the creation of this game, but one thing is for sure - there is no way that we would be in this position without the support and input of the community that has emerged around Trials of Fire. The suggestions and critique from the thousands of players who have joined us on this adventure have shaped the game into something we can all be very proud of and we look forward to welcoming many more players into the world of Ashe.”

“We’re very proud to have made it to this point with the help of our Early Access supporters,” says Adam Doherty, former Lead Gameplay Programmer for the Batman: Arkham series, and co-Founder and Game Director of Whatboy Games. “I really hope new players will have as much fun exploring the glasslands and different gameplay possibilities!”

Trials of Fire is available NOW for PC from the Steam online store. Trials of Fire is available for $19.99 (£15.49, €16.79). Also available is Trials of Fire: Inferno Edition featuring bonus content including a digital map of Ashe, the complete original soundtrack by SCNTFC (Oxenfree, Afterparty), and 100-page digital artbook for $24.99 (£19.49, €20.99).

Both the standard and Inferno editions of Trials of Fire are available at a discounted price until 16 April.

Learn more about Trials of Fire at and on Twitter.

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