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There Was A Dream leaves Early Access!

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After over 3 years of development, There Was A Dream is leaving Early Access. Just two people started creating this world in 2017, releasing it for testing initially on Itch and following a successful fundraising campaign, on Steam in September 2020. With the amount of new content added and the refinement / consolidation of current mechanics, There Was A Dream leaves Early Access!

Compared to the publication in Early Access on Steam we have added:

  • A world that turns from dream to nightmare and vice versa in front of your eyes depending on how you behave. From bright and cheerful to gloomy and engulfed in flames.

  • From 4 to 5 hours of gameplay just to enjoy the main story, excluding the vast world of missions and side activities, which will lead you to explore your dream and that of another girl trapped in hers.

  • Two different world to explore: two unique dreams reachable by boarding the flying train.

  • A complete and fun quest system, where each mission offers ever-changing gameplay that include deliveries, investigations, rescues, combat, exploration and even animal control and helicopter assaults.

  • The side missions, scattered around the game world, have increased in quantity and variety.

  • Side activities like fishing and hunting are now interactive, fun, and always reward you with experience points and items.

  • We have increased the drivable vehicles which now range from flying cars, scooters, boats and skateboards.

  • Your horse, which can be trained to increase its stamina, has thousands of combinations to create a unique aesthetic appearance.

  • Shops have increased and you can buy and sell items, change your outfit and hair color.

  • The localization have improved, listening to your advice and now the game is localized in Italian, English, German, French, Spanish, Russian and Chinese.

  • We've stabilized the game and made it leaner, although some parts still need further optimization.

PLAY NOW ON STEAM with 15% launch discount!

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