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The Wild Eight Out Now on PS4

Prepare to survive the Alaskan Wilderness

November 10, 2020| HypeTrain Digital is excited to announce that their intriguing survival game The Wild Eight is available now on the PlayStation 4 and is backwards compatible with the PS5. This intense action-adventure survival game places you in control of one of eight characters as you try to figure out why you crash landed in the Alaskan brush. 

The Wild Eight features an emergent world that is unique on start up so no two playthroughs will ever be the same. You’ll take control of one of eight different characters, each with their own unique skill and abilities, to try to survive the brutal arctic wilderness by gathering resources to improve your equipment and fend of blizzards and creatures alike. While you are traversing the wild you could run across abandoned facilities, strange labs, and even the supernatural. 

The Wild Eight has previously been out on Steam for a little over a year and with over 4,800 reviews it has a mostly positive reception. With an MSRP of  $19.99 and a whole lot of action the Wild Eight offers a ton of fun at a bargain price. Can you find out what caused your plane to crash and survive to tell the tale? Find out in the Wild Eight today!

About HypeTrain Digital

HypeTrain Digital is the indie game publisher for PC and consoles. Their mission is to help young developers deliver their games to worldwide audiences, regardless of genre or platform. Working with a diverse team of industry professionals, they’ve led numerous games to success across the world, including Stoneshard, The Wild Eight, and Police Stories.

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