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LOS ANGELES, CA., November 12, 202

The Sakura Empire is armed and ready! This week, we have an Azur Lane: Crosswave website update and screenshots for the Sakura Empire, including the newest addition, Taihou!

Azur Lane: Crosswave will launch physically and digitally on the Nintendo Switch™ February 2021!

New features of the Nintendo Switch version include:​

* Taihou and Formidable, formerly DLC for the PS4/Steam version, are included as playable characters! Both come with 3 support characters each and additional story content.

* An updated Photo Mode: You can now pose up to 6 characters instead of 3 for more photo shoot fun! Get creative with new extended camera angles.

The game is now available physically and digitally on the PlayStation 4 in North America, Europe, and on Steam.

The nation of islands of heavy cherry blossoms located to the east.

The Sakura Empire nation believe in the existence of Yaoyorozu-no-Kami, and the miko who the gods are entrusted to make the core of the nation's authority.

The Sakura Empire, who created their own unique culture compared to other nations, excel at using the East's mystery as power for their combat technology. An example of this is their fighting style of embodying Mizuho's Mystery, such as divination and communication with the dead.

The Eastern miracle Mizuho's Mystery also appears in the physical

characteristics of the Sakura Empire's citizens.

Check out a few notable Sakura Empire characters below and view all of the playable Sakura Empire characters on the official Nintendo Switch website!

View the Official NSW Website


An up-and-coming rookie that joined the fleet well after Ayanami did.

She's quick and a great listener: talents which she utilizes on the battlefield. Unfortunately, she seems to lack a sense of danger, so it's not unusual to find her in unexpected trouble. She is constantly reminded to be careful, which she takes to heart, and is showing growth as she prepares to join the Joint Military Exercise.

Of course, many of her seniors get first pick at good opportunities to fight, but she is still seeking to become the MVP along with her partner, Suruga, as she cleverly works her way to bend the rules of the event.


A brand new member of the Sakura Empire fleet who joined at the same time as Shimakaze.

She wants to show that she can handle any work assigned to her. Upon first glance, she seems difficult to approach, but that's only because she's trying to hide her personality issues and her kindness.

That said, she is having a hard time getting rid of the stress building within her, and keeps pointing out oddities inside her mind. One day, during an exercise, she ends up partnering with Shimakaze. Little did she know that this would change her fate quite drastically...


Sakura Empire affiliated. She's completely devoted (to the Commander), and even if she wasn't called for, she'll gallantly appear out of nowhere to stick her nose into things.