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🌭The Retro-Modern 1-4 Player Shmup is Ready for Take Off!✈️

Indie publisher Hound Picked Games, together with talented US developer Katsu Entertainment LLC, is delighted to announce the release of Dogfight: A Sausage Bomber Story out now on all digital stores for the Xbox Series. PlayStation 4 (playable on PS5), Nintendo Switch and PC (Steam + Epic Games Store) today April 13th priced at $18 / €18.

Put simply its a shooter with action, a real challenge and packed with humor and loads of surprises! Boy does it look pretty!


  • 4-player drop-in / drop-out cooperative play.

  • Battle across nine distinct environments, each with its own enemy types.

  • Play as different pilots with unique planes and abilities.

  • Over 250 weapon combinations to choose.

  • Hand-drawn sprites and painted backgrounds.

  • Epic battles with over-the-top mega bosses.

  • Built-in speedrun support.

  • Original soundtrack by composer Dale North (Wizard of Legend, RWBY: Arrowfell, Dreamscaper).

  • Created/developed by an experienced industry team.

A Class Act

Indie developer Katsu Entertainment LLC has a pedigree CV from over 20 years of experience from the dual personnel having met whilst working at EA. Games such as Madden NFL, NASCAR, MONOPOLY, Superman, etc. sit nicely in their previous endeavours and with Katsu Entertainment additions, such as Warhammer: Doomwheel, Boulder Dash 30th Anniversary and many more top up that impressive list.

Don't Miss This - It's Retro Class!

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