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The Past Within [Review]

Game Developer: Rusty Lake - Discord | Facebook | Twitter | Youtube

Publisher: Rusty Lake

Platforms: Google Play, IOS, PC

Review Platform: PC

Release Date: 2nd November

Genres: Adventure, Indie

Modes: Online Co-op, Cross-Platform Multiplayer

The Past Within

Key provided by Game Drive

Rusty Lake is no stranger to unique art styles, in-depth puzzles and storytelling in the game industry. This shows from their previous titles released. The Past Within is their new journey! I say journey, as much as it is a game it is a story—a story of the past and the future and how they can be entwined.

This is a co-op only game and can be played on mobile devices or PC and require communication. You do not want to see one another's gameplay but be able to clearly communicate what you can see and how it could relate to your co-op partner.

It is unique in that you are not connected by the games directly, you are required to choose Past or Future and it will talk you through the process of journeying together and when to check in so that you are both at the same point within the story.

The hand-drawn art styles are great, vivid, and simple but in a way perfect for The Past Within. It is not such an audible game but has subtle sounds and a music soundtrack to match the environment.

The gameplay is all mouse controlled and relies on different movements or clicks depending on the task at hand. Brings me back to my point-and-click gaming days as a teenager and felt like home. It is not a long game, and can take a couple of hours if you wish to take turns in the Past and Future, also relies on a decision made before the game to choose either of two symbols which are a bee or butterfly.

Resurrected15 and I were engulfed, and we did not want to stop playing. The story of a gentleman in the past with a device he has created to bring him into the future. I would not like to say too much about the story as it needs to be experienced and not spoilt. We highly recommend the game, though short it is a great price and for the time you spend with The Past Within you will not be disappointed.

Game Score: 8.5/10


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