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The magical N64-style 3D platformer is launching on PC on October 19th!

The magical N65-style 3D platformer is launching on PC on October 19th!

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Cavern of Dreams Steam Page

A Colourful Magical World Awaits

Secrets and surprises lurk around every corner in the Cavern of Dreams. Discover four open-ended, densely packed worlds, all with their own unique themes and secrets. Search every nook and cranny to not miss any of the secrets the Cavern holds and acquire abilities from the Sage to access new worlds. Collect them all - Each world is full of goodies to find - 40 eggs placed in perilous situations, mushrooms to feed your siblings once they hatch collectible cards to fill out an Encyclopedia and more! Acquire new abilities - Collecting eggs allows the Sage to grant Fynn new body parts, which give him new abilities! Use your tail, wings and more to reach areas you couldn't before and move super fast! Non-violent approach - Fynn is a peaceful little guy, so there's no combat in the game. Instead the focus is on exploration, puzzle-solving and platforming. This however, does not mean there a no dangers lurking in the Cavern of Dreams, so best be careful. The nostalgic OST - Fully immerse yourself in Cavern of Dreams through a nostalgic and mysterious sountrack with each world having multiple versions of it's theme based on where you are.

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