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New Content Launches for Hammerting, Neon Abyss, and Crown Trick on Steam Alongside Team17 Publisher

Players can grab discounts of up to 90% for a selection of Team17 published titles on Steam from today.

Team17 have today launched their publisher sale on Steam, offering discounts of up to 90% on almost their entire catalogue of games, and giving players access to a selection of demos. Running from 6PM BST (10AM PDT, 1PM EDT, 7PM CEST) 13th May, until 6PM BST 17th May, the sale includes titles such as Before We Leave, which is on a 25% launch discount, Narita Boy with 25% off, and Overcooked! All You Can Eat discounted by 20%. The sale launches alongside a selection of updates for several Team17 published titles, with Hammerting, Neon Abyss, and Crown Trick all receiving new content available from today.

New content burrows to the surface in Hammerting with the ‘Overworld Update’

The Overworld update brings a wealth of new content to the mountains of Mara, meaning various aspects of the Overworld will now be procedurally generated, including the different locations, roads, and factions found above ground. Adding a new depth to the Hammerting gameplay loop, players can now trade resources with various locations above ground, and the price of goods fluctuates dynamically based on how many items the location has previously been sold, meaning exploration is important for dwarves to get the best price for their hard-earned resources. Tweaks have also been made to the AI, audio, UI, and the crafting mechanics, along with bug fixes reported by the community.

The Overworld trailer has surfaced:

The New Gods herald in fresh content for fast paced procedurally generated shooter Neon Abyss

The newest update brings a brand-new storyline to the ever-changing world of Neon Abyss, opening up Hades’ office for players to poke their nose - and their weapons – into, along with new interactable NPC’s. A new Easter Egg machine will also be available before players dive head first into the Abyss, consuming a new in game currency, and dishing out game tips and cheats to players at random.

Endless adventure awaits in ‘Requiem of the Elements’ the free new DLC, available now for Crown Trick

Players will once again venture into the labyrinth of the Nightmare Realm in Crown Trick with the Requiem of the Elements DLC. The new content introduces an endless game mode ‘Dungeons of the Deep’ that tests players' ability to stay alive, providing a never-ending onslaught of randomly generated traps and enemies to face. The DLC includes new weapons, relics, familiars, skills, and achievements, with the OST also being available to download for free through Steam.

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