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Tactical deck-building game Ash of Gods: The Way receives new gameplay trailer!

AurumDust has released their gameplay trailer for Ash of Gods: The Way, showcasing the variety of mechanics in the game! This turn-based tactical game infused with deck-building elements, set in a fantasy world inspired by medieval times, is launching this month on April 27th.

Make sure to wishlist Ash of Gods: The Way on Steam! For those who can’t wait to play the game, the free Prologue is available here:  Ash of Gods: The Way will be available on Steam for $24.99 / €24.99 / £20.99, with a launch discount of 10%.

In Ash of Gods: The Way, war is coming, and only one person can prevent it. Finn, who lost everything to soldiers from the neighboring country of Frisia, must now save his kingdom of Berkana from the Frisians. To do so, he has to master the card game they use to teach aristocrats the art of warfare and infiltrate their tournaments. He just might discover that his enemies aren’t the clearcut villains he was told, however. On April 27th, players can embark on this journey and start making hard decisions that will affect the fate of the entire world. The new trailer displays the mix of turn-based tactical battles with collectible card game mechanics that constitutes the gameplay of Ash of God: The Way. As shown in the trailer, the gameplay consists of the following elements:  ● Each battle is a carefully crafted test of skills with different rules or special features that can be exploited.

● Players must build a deck with a combination of character cards and support cards from four different factions. Characters are deployed to the battlefield, while support ards boost characters or cast powerful spells.

● Every turn, one warrior and one support card can be played, after which the player’s units advance toward the enemy and, if possible, attack. With a large variety of cards to choose from, the number of possible combinations is enormous.

● If the player’s tactics aren’t working, they can switch out their cards and upgrades to try something different!

● Earn new cards by winning battles, buying them, or completing special tasks.  On April 27th, players can dive into this combination of gameplay mechanics and attempt to save the kingdom of Berkana - consequences be damned.

Exploring the universe of Ash of Gods

Ash of Gods: The Way is the second full-length game that takes place in Terminus, the universe of the series. Players who want to get acquainted with this fantastical world in preparation for the upcoming release can play the free Prologue, which is available for a limited time, or AurumDust’s previous game, Ash of Gods: Redemption. Redemption sold over 180,000 copies since its release in 2018 and won several awards, such as the Best Conference Game at the Games Gathering Conference in 2021.  Although Ash of Gods: The Way has yet to release, it is already off to a great start: Thanks to its unique art style, the game won the award for Best Art at the Games Gathering Conference in 2021! It also received the title of Best PC Game at the Indie Cup in 2021, which is the largest indie games contest in Eastern Europe.  Wishlist the game now:

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