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Surgeon Simulator 2 Scrubs In For an Impending Steam Release

Surgeon Simulator 2 to Make its Steam Debut this Week!

Ohhhh, Doctor! Doctor, Can’t You See I’m Burnin’... Can’t You Give My Spleeeeen Back?

Today, BAFTA-winning independent developer Bossa Studios is proud to announce that Surgeon Simulator 2, the hit physics-based surgery simulator, is coming to Steam soon. Players who have been waiting patiently for this full-on ludicrously fun multiplayer experience to come to their preferred platform will be excited to find that the Steam page for the game is now live, so that they can add it to their wishlists ahead of its launch later this year!

Surgeon Simulator 2 takes the best elements of the original game, while significantly upping the sidesplitting surgical-ante to reveal a fresh spin on a familiar formula! It is a physics-based medical multiplayer malpractice simulation where every object, every organ, and every limb are up for grabs, or dropping (depending on the skill level of the medical team at hand). Enter the labyrinthine Bossa Labs to experience all-new operations, 4-player online Co-op & Competitive play, a thrilling Story Mode, and the bonafide Creation Mode!

Watch the Steam page trailer here:

“We’re thrilled to share Surgeon Simulator 2 with all of our fans on Steam,” said Henrique Olifiers, Co-CEO at Bossa Studios. “While players have been able to get their hands on the game so far via the Epic store, soon they’ll have another option for purchasing it. We know that our community has wanted this for some time, and we’re pleased to unveil the store page today so that players can start adding it to their Wishlists!”

Key Features of Surgeon Simulator 2:

  • Coagulation Co-operation: A doctor is only as strong as the medical staff behind them, which is why multiplayer is a massive addition in Surgeon Simulator 2. Gleefully subject Bob to all manners of anatomy-orientated antics with up to four other players!

  • My Office, My Rules: When the doctor is in, they get the final say on what goes where! Creation Mode gives players an easy-to-use unprecedented level of freedom to shape the office environment to a ludicrous degree, from where the water cooler goes to how many hammers and bone saws are around at any given time! With access to the same tools used by the Bossa Studio developers, players are only limited by their imagination and can even collaborate with others in co-op to create the surgery of their dreams!

  • Bob’s Anatomy: Who doesn’t love a good medical drama? In the new story mode, players will get a taste of day-to-day *ahem* operations at Bossa Labs. Be it a last-second kidney transplant for Bob or getting to know the nursing staff, the mysterious medical facility is more tangible than ever!

Surgeon Simulator 2 is now available for players to Wishlist and will be launching on Steam later this year.

Keep up to date with all things Surgeon Simulator 2 by joining the conversations on Discord, and by following the game on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and the official website:

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