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Superhot Halloween

We wanted to let you know our super spooktacular Pumpkin Spiced Challenge is live right now and ends on November 7th! Go get it played.  From the main menu in SUPERHOT select CHALLENGES then PUMPKIN to begin the Pumpkin Challenge. This time limited event is only active in SUPERHOT, not in the follow-up game SUPERHOT: MIND CONTROL DELETE.

Do you want MORE?

However, if you played SUPERHOT and you want MORE, you need SUPERHOT: MIND CONTROL DELETE, on sale right now for a deep 40% discount. It’s built on the foundations of smash-hit SUPERHOT and the landmark SUPERHOT VR. Fan-favorite MIND CONTROL DELETE continues to bring you MORE of SUPERHOT’s signature power fantasy. Really. 

Also, the original SUPERHOT is on sale too, discounted 60%, tell your friends, save money, share your spooky replays on Spread the system.

Both promotions end on November 5th.

No tricks, only treats!  

Finally, we totally love our fans (like you) and really dig all the messages of support we receive from around the world. You rock. You made SUPERHOT possible (really) and we never forget it. 

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