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Super Chopper — Retro-Arcade Helicopter Combat Takes to the Skies Today

Ziggurat Interactive, publisher of multiplatform retro and modern games, today released their latest title — Super Chopper (Steam) (GOG). In this retro-arcade-styled air combat game, players will pilot an attack helicopter as it flies both rescue and combat missions across dangerous enemy-laden landscapes and target-rich environments! In Super Chopper players will make the most of their joystick jockey skills as they fly through, over, and around canyons, jungles, deserts, and snowy mountains while battling through more than 50 missions. For the more creative combatants out there, Super Chopper includes a fully-featured level editor for players to design their own missions.

Climb into the cockpit of a deadly attack helicopter and prepare to take on five life-or-death scenarios across 50 missions in Super Chopper. Whether you’re rescuing stranded soldiers, putting out fires with your water cannon, or escorting VIP convoys, you’ll need to keep your eyes to the skies and your finger on the trigger.

Super Chopper comes with 50 unique missions set in five different environments: red rock canyons, grassy plains, jungle, snowy mountains, and desolate deserts. With an included level editing tool that lets you create and share missions with friends.

Features of Super Chopper Include:

  • Jump in and Play: Super Chopper makes it easy to dive into the action with intuitive flight controls — no pilot's license required

  • Airborne Arsenal: Quickly swap between four weapon types, including a standard machine gun, rapid-fire machine gun, missiles, and bombs

  • Five Environments: Fly missions in multiple conditions and environments: red rock canyons, grassy plains, steamy jungles, snow-covered mountains, and desolate deserts

  • Mission Briefing: Master five mission types: stealth, combat, rescue, escort, and fire prevention

  • Hours of Fun: Play through all 50 missions to become a true ace pilot

  • Level Editor: Create your own custom missions with the robust editor tool:

    • Create all five mission types: rescue, stealth, combat, escort, and fire patrol

    • Select the number and placement of enemies and modify their behavior

    • Drop waypoints, objectives and set the victory conditions for each mission

Super Chopper is available now via Steam and GOG for Windows PC for $9.99 USD.

Ziggurat Interactive has published over 90 retro classic games, with more great new and retro games launching every month. Keep up to date on the latest news from Ziggurat on Facebook, Twitter, and the company’s official website.

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