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State of Survival Nations Cup Points Race Starts Tomorrow

Alliances from all over the world will battle for a spot in the playoffs

KingsGroup, a global leader in the mobile gaming and entertainment industry, is excited to announce that this Saturday, the 13th February - the Reservoir Raid Nations Cup points race will begin. State of Survival, a zombie-themed survival strategy mobile game, is hosting a prestigious global-scale tournament where the greatest alliances from all over the world will fight each other for resources and points in order to climb to ranks and make it into the global playoffs. Reservoir Raid, the game mode that the Nations Cup is built around, is the ultimate fight for State of Survival’s most precious resource: water. Alliances will pit their best players against each other in the war for water, and in the Nations Cup, this precious resource equals points. Only the best alliances from North America, Europe, East Asia, Southeast Asia & Middle East will make it to the global semi-finals for a chance to win $10,000 USD for their team and up to $20,000 USD in in-game rewards.

The points race will last until the 1st of March. Alliances have until then to rack up as many wins and points as possible in order to stand tall above the rest of their regions’ alliances.

A video outlining the rules for the Reservoir Raid can be viewed here

A teaser for the Reservoir Raid Nations Cup can be viewed here

Guides for getting started in State of Survival can be viewed here for the basics and here for settlement building

Players can download State of Survival for free on the App Store and Google Play and jump straight into the fight to survive.

For more information on State of Survival please visit the official site, and follow the game on Twitter and Facebook for all the latest updates

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