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Small in Size, Big in Adventure! Tinykin releases on Nintendo Switch in physical format on 23rd Nov

Super Rare Games are beyond thrilled to announce our latest collaboration with tinyBuild, bringing you the miniature world of Tinykin in physical format for the first time on Nintendo Switch™

Step into the shoes of Milo, a tiny protagonist stranded on Earth, frozen in time since 1991. Prepare for an adventure through a sprawling ant-sized metropolis, where every corner holds secrets waiting to be discovered. Calling out to all adventure-platform game lovers!

Release Date: November 23rd, 6pm GMT (10am PDT/1pm EDT). A total of 4000 Switch copies will be available for sale worldwide at Super Rare Games Storepage.

Super Rare Games works passionately with the developers to ensure each release comes with their very own special goodies as a homage to the game printed on the cartridge.

Embark on a Micro-Adventure:

Get ready to plunge into an unforgettable adventure in Tinykin, where friendship, mystery, and exploration converge. Join Milo and the tinykin on this crazy journey - a world filled with wonders and surprises. Unlock the secrets of Earth in a game that will capture your heart and imagination!


- Insect Metropolis Exploration: Discover intricate cities of ants, beetles, and more within a giant house.

- Interactive Storytelling: Immerse yourself in diverse character stories and histories.

- Catch & Utilise Over a Hundred Tinykin: Capture tinykin with special abilities, aiding you in climbing, unlocking doors, and problem-solving.

- Skateboard Adventures: Join Milo on a soap-board for thrilling skateboard escapades, exploring new heights and secrets.

- Upgrade Milo's Gear: Enhance Milo's equipment, expand the Ardwin Museum, and complete Ridmi's mysterious machine.

For more information, you can check out the official site. Follow Super Rare Games on Twitter for news and updates.


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