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RPG/Pinball Game Rollers of the Realm Available for a Flippin’ Huge Discount

Bumpin’ Soundtrack Also Available Now

Phantom Compass, the devs behind the smash-hit genre mashup Rollers of the Realm, today announced that “Rollers of the Realm Soundtrack Selections” is now available for the incredibly low price of $2.99 USD! Not only that, but the game itself is on sale for an astonishing 80% off, thus bringing you some awesome fantasy adventure/pinball action for a mere $1.99. For those interested in grabbing the game and the soundtrack, a bundle is also available that takes the total price down to under $4.49. This deal runs from today through June 14, so there’s never been a better time to get into Rollers of the Realm — which is currently sitting at a “Very Positive” review metric on Steam — and listen to the cinematic melodies of its cozy soundtrack.

Rollers of the Realm is a hybrid-genre title that takes the classic pinball formula of high-speed, frantic action and inserts a suite of RPG mechanics like fun and interesting characters, an engaging storyline filled with adventure, and upgradeable skills and abilities. With physics-based puzzles and different character “balls,” each with their own unique sizes and stats, players will need quick reflexes and a strategic mind to make it to the end of the game’s 30+ levels!

Check out the Rollers of The Realm trailer below:

Key Bundle Features Include:

  • The Best Mashup Since Girl Talk: The physics-based mania of arcade pinball meets the tried-and-true mechanics of classic video game RPGs

  • Seven Scintillating Tracks: Rollers of the Realm Soundtrack Selections comes with seven groovy tunes from the game, including Boss Battle, Combat, and of course, the Cinematic Theme

  • 10 Brilliant Balls: Say goodbye to the boring steel sphere of days gone by and say hello to ten unique characters (represented by balls), each with their own individual size, stats, and personalities!

  • Loot, Upgrades, and Special Attacks: It wouldn’t be an RPG without all sorts of fun items to acquire and cool attacks and abilities, like fiery blades of destruction and ice storms

Rollers of the Realm Soundtrack Selections is now available for $2.99. Rollers of the Realm for PC is also available at an 80% discount until June 14 for the price of $1.99. A bundle that includes the game and the soundtrack can be purchased for $4.49.

To stay up to date on all things “Rollers” and Phantom Compass, be sure to follow them on Twitter and Facebook for regular updates and news!

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