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Rogue Company Launches New Ranked Season and Event Pass

‘Cosmic Power’ Saint brings a touch of genie magic into the gunfights'

Today, Hi-Rez’s 3rd-person team shooter Rogue Company has released the Three Wishes Update.

All details can be found here in the Update Notes:

In the newest Event Pass: Three Wishes, players can unlock Cosmic Power Saint! This legendary outfit for your favorite combat medic transforms him into a very vivid genie right out of his bottle. What wonders will you ask him to perform?

Rogues can also unlock the most kawaii killer, Cyber Neko Phantom, plus the Bleak Chic Commando rare outfit for Ronin.

All players level up their Event Pass: Three Wishes just by playing. In total there are 35 tiers of rewards – including some for free – granting weapon wraps, emotes, and supply drops that can unlock even more outfits.

New Ranked Season

As current player rankings are reset and rewards granted accordingly, today marks a new beginning for all current and aspiring elite: Year 3 Season 2 has officially launched!

With a clean slate on the leaderboards, the top spots are ripe for the taking. Will you make it to Rogue rank?

New Map

The popular map ‘Highcastle’ now has a sibling: Highcastle Omega! It boasts not only a magnificent visual update but also new combat spaces and routes. Starting today, players can dive into this alternative version in a wide variety of modes.

Fans of good old Highcastle, worry not: differences between the original and revised maps are significant enough that both will coexist in the map pool.

Highcastle Omega

New Rogue Role

Today, players are also seeing the return of the ‘Intel’ gameplay role! Intel Rogues specialize in gaining information on enemy positions to turn engagements in their favor. In the middle of Support and Duelist, they are able to hold their own as they put themselves at risk for the team.

The Three Wishes update is complete with substantial balance changes for Rogues, modes, and weapons – including a major identity adjustment for LMGs. Jump into Rogue Company now to check it all out!

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