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Riders Republic™: The Second Half of Season 4 is Starting Now

Today, Ubisoft announced that the second half of season four of Riders Republic, is starting on PlayStation®5, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One (includes enhanced features on Xbox One X), PlayStation®4 (includes enhanced features on PlayStation®4 Pro), Ubisoft Connect, the Epic Games Store, Luna, Ubisoft Store and Ubisoft+.

After the release of Season 4: Freestylin’, that came with the much-anticipated BMX add-on, Riders Republic gets a mid-season update from 26th October, which will offer new weekly themes over the next 6 weeks. Each week will be dotted with new animations, events, toy, customisations... Season 4’s second part promises to be full of surprises for Riders!

  • Halloween and Zombies Invasion (26/10 to 02/11)

During this week, players will discover the conclusion behind the mystery events and hatches which have been discovered since AREA 52 appeared. The world will be threatened by a mysterious force, and to defeat it players will be able to use the showdown toys. For the next 7 days, players will be immersed in an atmosphere worthy of the greatest Halloweens with an arena customised for the occasion. Riders can get a taste of this atmosphere in the brand-new Halloween Trailer.

  • New Toy: The Snowskate (02/11 to 09/11)

This week will be the occasion for our Riders to discover and appreciate a brand-new toy: the Snowskate. They will discover a brand-new freestyle experience riding the street or parks of Mammoth Mountain or finding new place to shred again in the open world and they will enjoy new Tricks Battle special playlists. The Snowskate will be available for free to try in Free for All this week and will still be available in game after. The Snowskate will be available for Year 1 pass owners 1 week ahead, at the Season 4 Update 2 launch.

  • Cops’ vs City freestylers (09/11 to 16/11)

A new challenge will arise for our BMX riders with this third week: the Freestyler challenge. Expect crazy chases between cops and riders, with dedicated customisation available in the store. Players will be immersed in an urban atmosphere thanks to the "Urban jungle" playlist available Free for All.

  • Let’s celebrate the Riders Republic B-Day (16/11 to 23/11)

This week is a little special as players will celebrate the first anniversary of Riders Republic. On this occasion, players will be able to discover brand new challenges and collision-free mass races. Because no birthday comes without gifts, Riders will have access to exclusive rewards like Burger boxes and birthday jackets. This week will also be an opportunity to remember the good old days with the return of favourite Year 1 outfits in the shop.

  • BMXTRA - Southern Dirt (23/11 to 30/11)

During this week, players will be transported in a dry and arid atmosphere. Riders will be transported to the southern desert to compete or enjoy BMX in new places. A time to highlight the discipline of BMX dirt. All this accompanied by a BMX freestyle Playlist and southern cowboy hat reward.

  • Great snowscapes (30/11 to 07/12)

Winter is coming back; it will be time to get a little icy as players will be confronted with a special challenge. It will be time to test their snow skills, with a new ice-based race available in Free For All. Players will be able to show their best tricks, unlock really cool new hoodies to show off in the snow parks, or buy the "still here" customisation elements which will be available in the shop.

  • Back-in-The-day (07/12 to 14/12)

This one will have a taste of nostalgia. Let’s go back in time with old school BMX with an old school BMX vibe, a way to celebrate and go further into the BMX culture. This week reward and shop will feature old school BMX customisation, to go along with the old school BMX to collect in the season progression, all while being immersed in an old-school atmosphere thanks to the new BMX freestyle playlist. Brand new items will also be available in the shop on this occasion.

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