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REPORT TO EXECUTIVE SUITE IMMEDIATELY! Sintracorp Has a surprise for you!

The Yuppie Psycho: Executive Edition is now available on Steam and Switch for 16.66USD, all owners of Yuppie Psycho will be automatically upgraded on this date. Because that’s how much Sintracorp cares!

Yuppie Psycho delighted and terrified when it launched back in 2019 with a Metacritic of 81 and a Steam rating of 95% positive. More than 100,000 lost souls have followed Brian Pasternack’s first day of work at and his struggle against the malevolent forces that haunt the conference rooms and coffeemakers of Sintracorp.

Yuppie Psycho Executive Edition Features

  • Three Hours of Additional Content

  • New Areas to Explore

  • Three Dreadful New Bosses

  • Deeper Engagement with Favorite Characters

  • Frightening Revelations to Shake Your Very Being!

  • Three New Endings To Explore Making a Total of SEVEN

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