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Ready, Your Mech, Panzer Paladin is Coming Physically To Nintendo Switch™ Dec. 22!

Get your mech ready, Panzer Paladin is coming physically to Nintendo Switch™ for $34.99 Dec. 22, 2020. Fans who want to power up their purchase can pick up the Collectors’ Edition for $79.99. The Collectors’ Edition includes a physical copy of the game, Grit & Flame premium metal figures, a reversible poster, and both original and classic 8-bit soundtracks. In addition to physical copies of the game, you can also pick up a 3LP Vinyl for $44.99, and a 5-pack trading card set for $7.99. Seize your copies on Dec. 22 open for pre-order until Jan. 24, 2021. Take up arms in 17 beautiful 8-bit levels, craft your own weapons, and enjoy the Challenge Core Update for free which includes 11 extra rooms, Speedrun challenges, leaderboards, an 8-bit soundtrack option, and blacksmith weapons storage increase. Help save mankind and take on the sinister leader Ravenous! With over 100 melee weapons, tons of fun combat, and of course badass mechs, you’ll have no shortage of fun.

About Panzer Paladin

In the ultimate showdown of robots vs. demons you play as a former rescue android named Flame. You fight your way through the powerful forces of the evil occult, a task that no human could attempt. Use intuitive swordplay and mechanics to fight and loot your way through levels, even using enemies' own weapons against them. You are humanity's last chance to defeat the Weapon Keepers and face off against the leader of the invasion, Ravenous. Panzer Paladin is developed by Tribute Games, the makers of Mercenary Kings, Flinthook, and more.


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