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Quit Your Job And Build A Startup

Startup Panic is now out on PC and Mobile

oday, developer Algo Rocks and publisher tinyBuild launch Startup Panic, a fast-moving business sim, on PC via the Epic Games Store, as well as iOS and Android.

Quit your job and get some Startup Panic! Injecting classic tycoon gameplay with a sharp and absurd sense of humor, Startup Panic is a highly customizable tech-business management sim ideal for players new to the genre - or veterans looking for a bit of personality as their small company conquers the corporate world.

Starting from a bedroom office,Startup Panic builds quickly, meaning wannabe CEOs must move fast to navigate hackers, underhanded competitors and even real sea-sailing pirates to become the best.

Startup Panic On Epic Games Store (Content Creator Code kredundead)

Or on mobile devices:

About the game: With an expansive business customization tree, a huge world map to branch out to and full office design control, players can design their perfect start-up from scratch - and defend it against the ever-changing market how they see fit. Send your staff on a well-earned break to a dinosaur theme park, make some shady dealing with elite hackers, and work your way to over seven unique victories - including becoming President or even setting up a colony on Mars!

In the meantime, you are also welcome to follow our Twitter, Facebook pages and join our Discord channels. A bunch of people are talking about tips to a successful entrepreneurship there, shhhh....

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