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Quinterra [Review] With a chance of winning a key!

Game Developer: Sidereal Studio

Publisher: Sidereal Studio

Platforms: PC

Review Platform: PC

Release Date: 7th April 2021

Genres: Early Access, Strategy

Mode: Single Player

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Quinterra is an engaging roguelite turn-based strategy from US Indie development team Sidereal Studio. It has been released in Early Access so our thoughts are based on the current version available but be aware, as it is early access not all features are fully operational and the game is not complete.

We highly recommend completing the tutorial offered, as it has a lot of mechanics and information that may not be easily picked up on by jumping straight into the game. A Wise Elder will talk you through the basics of the game and what can become of your expedition.

You have the choice of four races to begin your expedition:

Lycans Imps Crystalians Ethereals

All with their own unique story lines and and talent trees for the expedition which spans across three of five different regions accumulating units with a primary element and two primary species.

You begin in Draft Mode, this is for your preparation before ending your turn and shows each tiles available elements. You have two resources used to deploy, Mana is used to summon elites and for use with some abilities. Command Points are used to summon minions and structures. You gain 1 command point every turn with the max being 2 you can hold and Mana you gain 3 every turn with the maxim of 3 held. You can place one copy of an elite and two copies of a minion. But be aware once and elite is destroyed it costs more mana for a couple of turns to place. You earn gold and experience which is used to help build your army and you also have Crystals which are a key component which you attach to units to make them a lot more powerful.

The game is very unforgiving in the fact that full failure means losing your entire expedition and starting over. It is full of content, with over 200 total units, 400 unique abilities and 200 obtainable items with a lot more to come.

There are two elements which we are very interested in seeing develop, they are not fully operational as of yet but are under development. Moral system, which measures how healthy you team are and you will suffer disadvantages in battle when low or fail and expedition and begin at the start of current region on a level of zero. The other system is the talent system, help to evolve and adjust your team to your own gains and playability.

Summary of Quinterra is it is an interesting but challenging take on the genre with unique graphics which set it out from the rest. It is Early Acces so it still has a lot more to come and we will continue to support it.

7.5 of 10

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