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Punchimals Featuring Now in Steam Remote Play Together Fest

Punchimals is a physics-based 2.5D fighting game set in a world where cute, chubby animals settle their differences by duking it out in giant mechs. Due to a lack of exercise (certainly not caused by overuse of mechs in everyday life), obesity and mech combat has ravaged the globe!

Punch Your Way to Success

Combat features rough and tumble physics-based mech combat that is easy to grasp with depth and strategy revealed as you play. Fight in 1v1 versus mode, or try Tag and Tandem for team shenanigans both on the couch and online. Learn more about the world and test your mettle in Arcade mode vs the inhabitants of Punchimals City.

Use both analogue sticks to take direct control of your mech’s body and paw movement, with bumpers and triggers for attacks and special moves. As you progress in skill, you’ll discover advanced mechanics, such as feints, wall bounces, parries, unique abilities, and strategic super moves.


  • Dual-analogue physics-based mech combat

  • Easy-to-learn mechanics that reward skill and mastery

  • Local and online multiplayer (with rollback netcode)

  • Single Player Campaign

  • Giant mechs

  • Vibrant arenas

  • Adorably chubby animal pilots


  • "A 90s kid's dream come true!" - CGDannyB

  • "Absolutely adorable." - Game Grin 

  • "Punchimals' presentation was well done and it felt like there was a certain amount of polishing going on right from the start." - Gaming Village

  • "Punchimals looks like it could be a lot of fun for fans of fighting games, mechs, and cute animals"  - Vamers

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