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Project Warlock II Kickstarter Revealed for June 29, Set to Launch in Steam Early Access

New Warlocks, bigger levels, brutal beasts, AND GUNS GALORE

Buckshot Software is thrilled to reveal their bullet, spell, and demon filled sequel to Project Warlock, Project Warlock II, is coming to Kickstarter!

Building on the success of the first title, Project Warlock II brings sprawling levels, demonic hordes and totally revamped visuals in this action packed sequel. This retro-action-indie title is set to bring back all the bullets, beasts, and battles that shooter fans love and features new story, powers, weapons, and more.

Fans can back Project Warlock II on Kickstarter when the campaign launches June 29, 2021. Backers can get in early, getting discounted pricing and early looks at the game. Project Warlock II will be available on PC and consoles, and is launching into Steam Early Access and GOG Games In Development July 29, 2021.

Project Warlock II is a retro shooter with non-stop action, blood spattered pixels flying everywhere, epic rock and synth soundtrack, fully new, atmospheric sound design and is improving upon every aspect of the original game. With DNA of the retro classics Blood and Hexen running through the veins of both games, Project Warlock II is looking at Quake where Project Warlock’s eye was on Doom.

Project Warlock II picks up right after the events in the first game. Set in three explosive episodes, this title features three playable Warlock characters - Palmer, Urd and Kirsten - all disciples of Warlock from the original title. With their master nowhere to be found, the Disciples of Warlock set out to investigate the demonic invasion that shook the very foundations of their realms.

Each of the disciples is a master of their own discipline, and has his or her reasons to find Warlock and confront their old master. Each chapter features distinct settings, a menagerie of deadly monsters, and bosses hulking in the darkness. FPS players can look forward to more secrets, upgrades, pickups, jumping, strafing, and trigger-happy action.

In Project Warlock II, Shoot, burn, cut and blast your way through huge, sprawling levels filled with demonic hordes in this sequel with totally revamped visuals, the same visceral gunplay and relentless tempo with a pulsing and riffing soundtrack.

Project Warlock was just the beginning, I’m so excited to show fans how we’re building on that title with Project Warlock II," said Kuba Cisło of Buckshot Software. “Support from fans around the world on Kickstarter means so much, and we’re thrilled to see that people want to help bring this title to life."

Each of the areas from the first game received a significant overhaul


PWII’s magic is a reinterpreted system where each of the Warlock’s will have their own dedicated set of skills operating on cooldowns to support gun or magic-play.


Each of the Warlocks carries a different arsenal based on their personas with branching upgrades resulting in 20+ weapons for each of the Warlocks.


Adding another layer to the behaviour of monsters results in them now jumping, running, holding back when needed, hopping, spinning and using each of the different attacks as needed.


Total overhaul of the visuals resulting in sprites that now have 8 sides to PW’s 2. That’s literally twice as much. Talk about value.


Literally adding more room to the levels as per players’ feedback Project Warlock II offers huge, sprawling and multi leveled areas that are 5-6 times bigger that any of the levels of the first game. The addition of the oft requested verticality means one level can be five storeys worth of vertigo-inducing footbridges, ledges and floors.


Unlike the first game Project Warlock II now has every imaginable save feature including quicksave, manual save and autosave.

Get the latest Project Warlock II development news by following the game on Twitter and Facebook, and by watching the weekly Live Dev stream on Twitch.

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