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PM Studios and Endflame Announce Ikai

Japanese folklore comes to terrifying life in a new psychological horror game set in feudal Japan launching in October 2021

PM Studios and Endflame are pleased to announce that Ikai is stalking onto PC, PS5, PS4, and Nintendo Switch in October 2021. Dark Japanese folklore comes to life in this stunning new psychological horror game where your only defense against the demons is your ability to ward them off with mystical kanji. Players are invited to head over to Steam and add Ikai to their wishlists.

Ikai embodies the spirit of the classic first-person psychological horror genre with a defenseless main character incapable of attacking evil creatures through traditional means. No guns, swords, or howitzers here. Instead, it explores a new sense of horror by making the player face the threats directly by neither fleeing nor attacking.

Don’t faint now, embrace your weaknesses and pray for surviving in the mayhem you’ve just unleashed.

  • FEAR: Experience the horror in first-person by the hand of Japanese spirits, monsters, and yokai.

  • EXPLORATION: Wander around a feudal Shinto shrine and explore to unveil the story behind Naoko, the main character.

  • DRAWING: Concentrate on drawing protective seals over the strange sounds and events happening around.

  • PUZZLES: Pit your wits against the several puzzles that will try to stop you

  • STEALTH & RUN: Be silent, do not disturb the evil… Or just run, run away from it all, if you can…

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