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Pesterquest is Now Available on Google Play

A grim and whimsical sim for lovers of friendship, complete with all 14 volumes and epilogue!

Melbourne, Australia, November 10, 2020 Fellow Traveller and What Pumpkin Games are pleased to bring their visual novel set in the darkly funny Homestuck / Hiveswap universe, Pesterquest, to Google Play! All 14 volumes and an epilogue are now available for only $11.99 USD. Pesterquest is the latest visual novel in the Homestuck universe and is a sequel to the friend-finding escapades in Hiveswap Friendsim. Each volume focuses on a favorite member of Homestuck’s classic cast of characters, including John Egbert, Kanaya Maryam, Dirk Strider and many more! Check out the Full Season Trailer to get a glimpse of some of the featured characters.  Pesterquest, created by author and artist Andrew Hussie and Aysha U. Farah, is available for the first time on Google Play for $11.99 USD. Pesterquest previously launched on Steam, available for PC, Mac and Linux.

About Pesterquest

Who are you again? And what the hell are you doing here? Wait… is this Earth, and who exactly is that kid over there? He looks nice! 

Embark on a quest of epic importance in Pesterquest, a grimsical episodic visual novel set in the darkly funny Homestuck/Hiveswap universe created by American author and artist Andrew Hussie.  

Find all the answers you're looking for across 14 volumes of idiosyncratic adventure packed with visual mastery and shrewdly written narrative. As you zap between Earth and Alternia, you’ll discover and reconnect with up to 20 friends both extra and terrestrial.

About What Pumpkin Games

What Pumpkin Games is an indie developer originally founded by Andrew Hussie, American author and artist who created the original MS Paint Adventures webcomic series including the much loved ‘Homestuck’. The team is a small yet diverse group of talented writers, artists and developers. As fans of the franchise, they lovingly create video game experiences based on the Homestuck universe for fans worldwide.

About Fellow Traveller

Fellow Traveller is an indie games label exploring the possibility space of what games can be. Passionate about the vast and untapped potential of games as a medium, its mission is to seek out pioneering game developers working on unusual games with narrative at their core, help these developers bring their creations to the world and to connect them with players looking for something different.

Formerly known as Surprise Attack Games, the label was founded in 2011 and rebranded as Fellow Traveller in 2018. You may know them for the hacking game using real Unix commands (Hacknet), the surveillance thriller series that puts you in the shoes of Big Brother (Orwell), or the dystopian steampunk mini-golf adventure game (Vertiginous Golf).

Fellow Traveller’s sister company, The Treasure Hunters Fanclub, brings together a group of experienced members of the games industry (the fans), scouting for interesting projects from independent developers (the treasure hunters) and puts together a deal that includes indie-friendly funding from its members and a publishing deal with Fellow Traveller. Money, marketing and mentorship in support of independent creative vision.


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