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Over 2,000 New Games on Core

New Games, New Joy

In the last two weeks, there have been over 5,000 new games and game updates - Core's catalog is constantly growing and improving. Popular standouts include the frenetic racer/obstacle course hybrid Death Wall and the deep mystic brawler Spellshock 2 - and as always they're all free to play.

Starting Today: Core Trials Speed

Core Trials, our series of 4 weekly player tournaments with a prize pool of $55,000, is continuing, with two weeks left. It's completely free to join and play! Week 3 begins today (noon PDT on April 29) - outrun your enemies and leave your friends in the dust in the asymmetrical party game Death Run, and rack up kills as quickly as possible in the gun-game-inspired Arsenal of Guns. The 40 fastest players will cinch their part of this week's $10,000 prize pool - do you have what it takes? Full contest details on the official webpage.

Choose Your Character

Store update! From the hulking ork chieftain Drahzken to the turquoise-clad warrior Xochitl, plus other mounts and emotes, the featured catalog's variety has something for everyone. In addition, check out the New Releases tab for the steely-eyed bounty hunter Fritz, the insectoid security guard Ezra, and a colorful spectrum of legendary Coremantis mounts. An of course there's a finger gun emote as well!

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