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OTXO [Review]

Game Developer: Lateralis Heavy Industries - Discord | Twitter | Website

Publisher: Super Rare Originals - Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Website | YouTube

Platforms: PC

Review Platform: PC

Release Date: 20th April 2023

Genres: Action, Simulation

Mode: Single Player

Key provided by Super Rare Originals

You are an unnamed being, travelling with your partner. Your curiosity gets the better of you, from then on you awake on a beach on an unknown island with a Mansion of bloodshed waiting for you. You are now an OTXO, meaning wolf and you are to enter the Mansion to find out why you are here and locate your partner. You are trapped, only way forward is through death.

It is a roguelike title with Noir Style visuals, featuring a top down camera style. Graphically I was so pleasantly surprised, as we are seeing a lot of Pixel style titles out there (Not a Negative Thing) but it adds just that little bit more with its fluidity in camera movement and extra graphical features from grass moving as your run through, to blood flying across the rooms.

There is 8 areas to explore with over 150 crafted rooms built in game. So no two runs ill always be the same. The main Lobby/Bar area is where you can unlock new weapons with a twist! Any guns you unlock will also be in use by the enemies. The bar is where you go to drink Liquor which is over 100 abilities to use on your runs. Coins are needed to unlock these abilities which are gained from kills, the longer the combo, the fancier the kill gains a lot more rewards.

The game is so fast and fun to play, and kicking down doors to slowing time with Focus adds so much more to the action. At one time, I managed to kick open doors, flick on focus and throw my weapon across the room going into a forward roll then collecting again to kill the enemy I dodged through.

The soundtrack is original and created by the developers themselves. It keeps the tempo going throughout the rooms. It genuinely adds to the intensity of the gun battles and makes you keep wanting more.

At the point of this review, it is currently not optimized for Steam Deck but I took the time to try it out as well as on PC and it seemed to run perfect in my opinion and definitely feels great on handheld.

OTXO makes me very excited for the future of Lateralis Heavy Industries future and can not wait to join them on the journey.

Game Score: 9/10


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