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Kill. Die. Modify! Rogue-lite 360° Shooter Orbital Bullet Gets a Steam Release Date

Publisher Assemble Entertainment and developer SmokeStab are inviting you to play “ring around the rosie” — except with heavy weaponry instead of posies — in their unique rogue-lite shooter, Orbital Bullet, coming to Steam Early Access on April 22, 2021! The devs have also released some juicy new screenshots to melt your eyes, including a look at some of the deadly weaponry and the new “Jungle” biome. So strap in, load up your guns and gear, and get ready to run the deathloop!

Orbital Bullet is a multi-award-winning action-platformer that brings with it all the hallmarks of the genre: procedurally generated levels, a bevy of fun and creative destructive implements to use against your foes, a deep-skill tree, and plenty of upgrades, modifications, and crafting. However, what makes it stand out amongst its peers is the atypical 360° level design that will see players going ‘round and ‘round while dodging incoming bullets and laying a digital smackdown on their enemies. Orbital Bullet has already won several awards, including "Best Concept with Prototype" at GermanDevDays, 2nd prize in the "Prototype Young Talent Award" category at Deutscher Entwicklerpreis 2019, and a nomination for the "Best Student Game" at GDC 2020.

Check out the gameplay trailer here:

Key Features of Orbital Bullet Include:

  • The Levels in this Game Go Round and Round...: A rotating 360° level design and gorgeous hybrid 2.5D graphics offers a wholly unique setting for the genre and opens up all-new gameplay elements and mechanics

  • Harder. Better. Faster. Shoot-ier: In order to make it through deadly ring after deadly ring, players can make themselves — and their guns — more powerful and more effective with a deep crafting and weapon modification system

  • Climb that Skill Tree: Fight. Die. Improve your character. A ‘branching’ skill tree provides players with endless options for build variety and experimentation. Come back after each death better equipped to die slightly later in the game than you did before.

  • No Rest for the Weary: A time-saving instant transition feature at the end of each level ensures you don’t get complacent while waiting for the level to load. Keep the action going non-stop and remember the old adage: “I'll sleep when I'm dead.”

The team at SmokeStab knows that the players make the game, and in order to make Orbital Bullet as good as it can possibly be, they’re inviting everyone to participate in the process and offer feedback during the Early Access phase by joining the official Discord. Alpha-stage feedback resulted in the team adding fixes, implementing new ideas, and adding layer after layer of polish to the game. Following the unveiling of the never-before-seen biome in the Jungle level, the team have plenty more surprises up their sleeves for the upcoming launch.

Orbital Bullet will head into Early Access on PC via Steam on April 22nd, 2021. For more on the game, join the official Discord, follow the game on Instagram and Facebook, and of course, visit the website at

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