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Orbital Bullet [Steam] - Early Access Review

Game Developer: SmokeStab - Twitter | Instagram

Platform: PC

Review Platform: PC

Release Date: 22nd April 2021

Genres: Action, Early Access, Indie

Mode: Single Player

Key provided by Uber Strategist

Orbital Bullet is the debut release from Game Developers SomeStab an independent game studio from Heidelberg, Germany. It is an Early Access release so is representative of an early version of the game that is subject to change.

Upon starting the game, what catches my eye immediately is the visuals and design. They are a Pixel Style but with a 360° Circular motion when moving your character along with the levels. This actually feels so smooth and makes the game that little bit more action-packed with its speed and bullets that curve around the level design helping you get some satisfying long shots as you progress. Levels are handcrafted but with an underlying procedural system creating a lot of variety and secrets for you to discover.

It is highly recommended to use a controller when playing Orbital Bullet but it can be played on keyboard and mouse, I preferred the controller as I felt a little disconnected with the action using the keyboard and mouse. This aside, it responds very well and feels polished when the levels become more enemy based, leading to some close call jumps, runs and as said before some amazing long shots.

Death in Orbital Bullet is permanent, but you have the ability to unlock permanent upgrade and skills with Nanobytes. There is an extensive skill tree with four classes to unlock as you progress, this also introduces a combo streak. The further you get the hard the game becomes but makes those hungry gamers fight for glory.

The soundtrack is a great mix of Electronica and Retrowave, composed by Niilo Takalainen & Juha Korpelainen. Offering a stylish setting to maybe ease the stresses of death. With over 20 weapons to discover Orbital Bullet gets everything delivered polished, stylish and a lot of fun!

8.5 / 10

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