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Norse inspired Sci-Fi shooter Gunnhildr launches into Early Access Today!

Rise up Against the Elders of Niflheim, in Ratdog Games All-New Sci Fi Shooter

Gunnhildr is an FPS Rogue-Lite inspired by Norse Mythology. Now Available in Early Access on Steam

Dartmouth, November 17th, 2020 - RatDog Games is excited to announce that their Norse Inspired Sci-Fi Shooter Gunnhildr is launching into Early Access on Steam today.

Gunnhildr is an FPS Rogue-Lite inspired by Norse Mythology, in which players assume the role of an exiled heroine. She leads a rebellion against the Elders of Niflheim, protecting its innocent citizens from Halite, the one natural resource that is both the planet's salvation and destruction. Uncover the secrets of Niflheim as you journey through its distinct world with fast-paced dynamic action, collecting ancient weapons and power-ups, and building your rebellion to defeat The Primes.

“We are bringing this game to Early Access because, as a Roguelite, we have the opportunity to build and balance it alongside our community. Gunnhildr is already a solid first-person shooter based on our own original storyline, which is told mainly through voice-over narration. We are bringing Gunnhildr to Early Access so that we may receive feedback, make sure the game is as fun as possible and know which direction the community wants us to take with the project. What we build is dependent on your feedback, and we'll be paying attention both here and over on our Discord channel.” - Andrew DeSilva, Designer

Early Access Features:

  • Single Player FPS Rogue-Lite

  • Fast-Paced, Skill-Based Combat

  • 5 of 12 planned Weapon Types

  • 39 of over 150 planned Power-Ups

  • 1st of 4 planned Unique Environments

  • A narrative told through Replayability

The full game is expected to launch in 2021

To Find Out More, Join the Discord Server here:

About Gunnhildr

Gunnhildr began as a small side project for RatDog Games. The team comes from a background of loving a multitude of gaming genres including but not limited to Rogue-lites, FPS', and RPG's. This mutual love led to an internal weekend game jam. The weekend ended with a simple prototype of a FPS Rogue-Lite and a narrative which far exceeded the bounds of such a small project. It was then that we knew Gunnhildr's story needed to be told.. and our desire to create a unique FPS Rogue-Lite was born.

About RatDog Games

RatDog Games was founded by three close friends right out of college in 2011. They decided to follow their dreams and create the games they wished were in the mobile games market. Having been best of friends since high school, upon graduating college they knew it was finally time to go after those dreams and hence RatDog Games is now a reality.

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