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New Barton Lynch Pro Surfing Update Offers More QoL Features

With the launch of Barton Lynch Pro Surfing on November 17 PC (Steam), PlayStation 5 & Xbox Series X|S, The Western Australian-based studio Bungarra Software have been hard at work on addressing fan feedback. Patch update v1.08 and v.1.09 are now live and available to download on all platforms.

Update v1.08 includes the following: 

End Round Function:

  • Added an end run function to allow the user to end a round at their choice.

Challenges & Arcade Modes:

  • Fixed an issue in Manly where after riding a wave to the end, the user unintentionally gets put onto the 2nd Peak.

  • Fixed an issue in Mundaka where the fade would occasionally occlude the screen when attempting to stand on a wave.

  • Fixed an issue where when the player entered the equipment scene and the round ended, the fade would not clear.

Main Menu:

  • Fixed an issue where pressing B button (back) would not go back to main menu but instead, proceeded into 'Arcade'.

Update v1.09 includes (but is not limited to) the following:

Character Creator

  • Fixed the edge case PC specific crash bug for new saves.


  • Fixed the PWC failing to enable the A.I. to head back out to the play area after a single score had occurred.

Character Model

  • Fixed an issue where the wet map was not being applied correctly to 2 piece costumes (tops)

Game UI (Options)

  • Fixed KPH/MPH not getting set correctly within the Options

  • Fixed Graphic Settings (resolution and window mode)

  • Fixed Game Difficulty for Steam clients failing

Furthermore, Bungarra Software remain dedicated to ensuring long-term support for Barton Lynch Pro Surfing, and are still working on further improvements to the game with new features and quality of life initiatives.

These improvements include, but are not limited to:

  • Memory management: Stability issue on the Xbox Series S (in progress)

  • Water shader graphics (in progress)

  • Adding A.I. to Freesurf along with PWC gameplay considerations (longer term)

  • Adding more variety in the waves in the same heat or even in freesurfing (in progress)

  • Adding Fan Hub to allow for custom character and Tour creation

  • Steam Deck compatibility UI issues

  • Researching additional platform porting options

  • General QA bug list

Barton Lynch Pro Surfing pits you against the world’s best surfers at the most exotic locations on the planet. The game allows the player to surf as the legendary Barton Lynch himself amongst many other surfing legends, while also featuring an expansive career mode, customisable characters and gear, as well as the freedom to roam around real life iconic beach locations in various weather conditions.

Barton Lynch Pro Surfing is out now on PC (via Steam), PlayStation 5 & Xbox Series X|S for USD$49.99 (RRP) digitally and physically in retail stores. 

For more information and updates, head to the official Twitter (X) page @BungarraS or Instagram @bartonlynchprosurfing.

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